Squash memberships are now available, please contact Michael Wieneke to inquire about options.

The GWC Squash House provides three single courts and one North American doubles court built by Anderson Courts. The first class squash facility will be open year round allowing squash players of all levels the opportunity to find matches, test their skills and learn from our amazing team of professionals. The Squash House offers amenities including full locker rooms, a pro shop and social spaces. Members will be able to enjoy a match with friends, hangout to watch the next match then head to the GWC Clubhouse for lunch or dinner.  Squash:ED will run all of our squash programming which will include clinics, private lessons, camps and club tournamanets. 


Squash Schedule  for sign-up, please email Phil Barker, Director of Squash


Junior Program

In order to optimize growth and performance, our coaching program focuses on player development to the finest detail, enhancing the chances for every squash player to achieve their potential via thorough and cutting-edge training methods on three state-of-the-art Anderson maple wood singles courts.

At SQUASH:ED, we see ourselves as teachers and mentors looking to help our students take steps forward to achieve their squash goals every time they step on court.  We challenge ourselves constantly to improve our own knowledge within the sport, in order to implement and give our students the best chances for success and to fall in love with the game of squash, whether they are looking to play at the very highest level of competition or participating recreationally. 

Our program is unique in that it puts the player first; every stage of development is tailored for optimal growth with reference to technical skills, psychological maturation and cognitive development, emphasising the importance of using the appropriate training methods that are adapted to each student’s individual long-term goals.

We are excited to have a robust events schedule in the fall with speakers coming in from October onwards giving our members an insight into how Ivy League recruitment works and what parents should and should not do. Additionally we will be having some fun exhibition matches which shouldn’t be missed.

Adult Program

GWC has always understood community. We have built our other core programs with our membership in mind and our squash program is no different. We will have one of the best doubles courts in the country and we hope to build a multi-dimensional membership and program around this. With a 30+ ft ceiling, Anderson maple wood court, and the first of its kind, radiant underfloor heating which delivers perfect playing conditions year round. We will carefully craft matches, programs and tournaments that will allow all members to compete at their desired level in a judgement-free safe space which welcomes all levels of intensity and experience.

With this in mind, we’ve built into the program clinics for adults in the mornings (i.e before work) as well as after work with a more social focus. We will be utilizing US Squash’s “Clublocker” system so we will be able to create matches for our members using their rating system – so whether you are a doubles enthusiast or a singles fanatic, and you are looking for a match, you will always be paired with suitable partners. Obviously if you are new to the game, we have that covered too and have a “Adult Start:ED ” class where we will show you the fundamentals to get you off and running.

No squash club would be complete without gold paint and the Squash House will be no different. We will host various championships on both the singles and doubles courts, as well as various Pro-Am social events.  The Pro-am events will attract some of the top playing professional from around the globe, which we think our membership will enjoy. Whether you are an experienced player or new to the sport, we aim to build something fun and engaging for every level.

We couldn’t be more excited to deliver a new generation of Squash Club to the Greenwich community and cannot wait to showcase what we have built and what we are going to deliver. With this in mind, we are going to be hosting “open evenings” where our Squash Director, Phil Barker, will give perspective members a walk-through of the facility and answer any questions you may have. Please check back for dates.